Joshua The Holy Warrior

I have been doing behind the scenes work for more than a year now, for LCSC admin and finance and then now at the Home Office. And with the “demands” (in quotations because they aren’t really demands as I love doing them) of the work, it gets quite busy on a daily basis, so there is less time to go on mission trips.

Definitely not complaining, as again, I am enjoying what I am doing. There is something about putting order into chaos that is appealing and satisfying. Also just thinking about new ways of doing things, upgrading systems, and streamlining procedures. It’s fulfilling in an OC kind of way.

Though earlier this year I was able to go to Batangas, Tarlac and Tacloban, to give one of the sessions during their Echo Conferences. You always get that rush when you go on mission. Just utter dependence on God to give you the words to say.

It’s no secret that I have stage fright, and I do get very nervous before going in front of people, so it really is God’s grace to be able to do that. But from decades of mission work, everything always works out.

How else can you be like Joshua, the Holy Warrior, if you do not depend on God’s instructions? If you do not say yes even if you feel unworthy? And if you do not just do what is asked of you, regardless of circumstances?

So yes, we go! With a lump in our throats but with full trust in the outcome.

Thank you for the opportunity, and let’s see what else comes our way! Ho-wa!

Tacloban for Eastern Visasayas Echo Conference
Echo Conference in Tarlac for North and Central Luzon

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