Pastoral Care of the Youth

I know that I am somewhat in denial about growing older. At 43, I definitely do not qualify as a youth anymore. But, when you are always around young people, then you tend to identify with them. But a conscious decision needs to be made not to be exactly like them. Because if you fall into that trap, then you are like Peter Pan. Never wanting to grow old.

One good thing about working with the young, yet being older, is you see things differently. Your outlook is broader, and there is something to be said for wisdom you get as you grow in age. As long, again, as you accept it and take hold of it.

So, being asked to present at the CBCP ECFL Conference in Cebu about pastoral care of the youth, how could I say no? Aside from not being able to say no to ArchB Garcera, too. It is always an honor to be able to speak and share what I have experienced, and how we see things going.

Thank you to FLIQ Media for the livestream, which I downloaded and cut up. Journey with me and the young.

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