Vote for Buhay #87 and Defend Life in the Philippines

There really is a push to destroy the Filipino family. Through all the legislation that is being brought to the country by international organizations and foreign powers. It is sad because the Filipino family is something that many people in the world look up to. How we take care of our young and elderly. How we are relational with one another.

But Western influences are trying to convince us that these are old-fashioned and outdated. And are pushing us on that slippery slope that they are already in – one of contraception, abortion and lowering birth rates. Which, as we see in many countries, is destroying them. Countries that have pushed that for so many decades are now trying to convince their population to have more babies, even bribing them. Why should we follow their example?

In order to make sure it doesn’t happen here, we need to have solid pro-life people in Congress. And tito Lito Atienza is as solid and pro-life as we can get. I have worked under him in Congress during his first term as Buhay Party-list Representative. And I am with him in the Buhay board, and previously in the Pro-Life Philippines board as well.


He is running for a second term, and we should support him by voting Buhay Party-list, number 87!

It was great seeing him at the recently concluded CBCP ECFL Conference in Cebu, as well as my former office mates as well. We can do this, and we can be number one again!


Vote Buhay!

And side note, even if I have put on some weight again (ugh), I can still fit in that shirt!

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