Our Mission Fam, Sent as One!

One goal we have this year is to be a Missionary Family of Christ! Both Des and I have been missionaries for a long time. We have gone on mission trips separately and together (she even spent a year in Zimbabwe before we got married). Some mission trips we have been able to bring one of the kids (when Sabine and Jax were 1 year old we brought them to the US for Conferences – free airfare at that age).

But we haven’t yet gone on a mission trip as a whole family (except for the conferences we attend – like the CFC FFL Baguio Weekend or the World Kids Conferences). But the latest Sent as One conference showed us that it can be done.

They can share, they can be involved and they can witness as well. It just needs a little more extra planning and logistics, but it can be done. And besides, we already said it in front of thousands of people, so time to make it happen!

Look at what they said here.


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