The Dream is Closer to Reality

This month is really moving fast! There is so much to do at Our Home Office, that there is barely any time to really sit down and write in this blog. But it is always good to find time to write.

I wrote about the Community Conference earlier in the month, where our family was asked to be one of the families to be prayed over in behalf of the community – as preparation for all out Families on Mission. But the day before, we had the Leaders’ Conference, where CFC-FFL gathers the servant leaders to listen to the Servant General and get marching orders for the year (Holy Warriors, Ho-Wa!).

There was a Q and A, and I was able to answer two topics. The first was on our Home Office, and the permanent home we are angling to get.  WE ARE ALMOST THERE! So far, we have raised enough funds to start the process of acquiring the property, and with YOUR HELP, we can get there faster. Check this post for more details.

And the second was: “How are our Missionaries?” Check this post for the answer.

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