Merry Christmas Gatherings!

Who doesn’t love Christmas? Aside from celebrating the birth of Jesus, we also get to spend more time with family, and create wonderful memories. And good thing there is YouTube so we can upload them and watch them over and over again. Join us 🙂

The Sottos got together for Christmas dinner, and to celebrate Lolo Cho’s (+) birthday as well, Aunt Marty always has such fun games. And the kids get so into it, I wonder if they get that from us?

The food at the parentals is always so good. Mom watches Solenn all the time, and so she ordered Bolzico beef for dinner. Pretty good! Franko made a trivia game of “How well do you know Franko?” Ha ha, these kids!

And the Padilla clan got together to eat (more) and play games. I love the Padillas and how we are still meeting up and having these fun reunions. Growing up, and with Lolo Paddy and Lola Lily still alive, we would meet up EVERY SUNDAY! Now, not as often, but always a blessing when we do.

We got to the Mendoza-Yupano party a little late (well, traffic) but we still had fun tricycling around Pasay – the kids love the simple joys like that!

Merry Christmas!

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