No Gadgets Game Play

We are happy to see that there are a lot of board games getting popular again. There is an upsurge in those places where you can play them, and people have even been bringing them to the office. Maybe a good push back on all the gadget use and become impersonal.

We were able to get some for Christmas too! And have been opening them little by little to try them out. Though this first video isn’t a card game, it is the usual Filipino game that the kids learned in school recently – Luksong Tinik! Nice to see them playing this. Though it should be outside!

This next one is SPOT IT! Where you, well, spot pairs from your card and the deck card. I like it because they can all play – even those who are still learning to read. Because you don’t need to know how to read yet. Also makes them be more detailed in looking at things.

And this third one is BEAT THE PARENTS! Nice game because the kids get to gang up on us. And we see how competitive they are! It is good fun. Though what happens when you go through all the card, there should be a booster pack somewhere.

We have a fourth game – BAGANI – but are still learning it as all the instructions are in Tagalog. Effort!

Check the videos and our page for more family games 🙂

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