One Year without Starbucks!

Yup, you read the title correctly, it has been ONE YEAR since I had Starbucks.

I haven’t gone into any Starbucks store for a whole year. If I had meetings scheduled there, I would ask for a different venue. The nearest Coffee Project or CBTL (or Tim Horton’s or Costa Coffee – so many other options).

I haven’t even had a Starbucks coffee of any kind in one year. When people would buy, I wouldn’t pass an order. When there were free Starbucks coffee kiosks in weddings and other parties, I didn’t have any.

It can be done. Yes, there is a Starbucks in almost every corner. And it is convenient. And we have gotten used to just going in and hanging out, that we cannot imagine not having it as part of our lives.

But I was able to do it, and you can too. Just make that conscious decision to not go inside the store and go somewhere else. Honestly, the coffee in other places is just as good, if not better.

I prefer even those small coffee shops that are also usually around the corner from a Starbucks. Less people. More real coffee lovers than just those trendy drink lovers.

Why did I do it? I don’t agree with the Starbucks stands on a lot of issues. I am a Catholic and I can even say I am conservative, so their stands on issues do not align with mine.

So, why don’t I have the same action with other companies that don’t share the same values? There are a lot. True, there are a lot, but there are some things that – even if I wanted to stop using – at the moment I have not found an alternative. But there are alternatives to Starbucks coffee, and so that is one less peso of mine that will go into funding things I do not agree with.

I did it for one year, I can keep at it. If we can make a stand even in our own little way, it will cause ripples so that they eventually can take notice.

And teaching about being a family on mission, and living out our faith in our daily lives, well it should also translate into everything we do and consume – including coffee.

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