A Household Christmas

This year we were assigned to a new Household Servant in CFC FFL. A Household is a prayer meeting group within the community that meets regularly. Ours meets every other week in different homes – hosts are each of the members and hosting goes around alphabetically.

We had our Christmas lechon dinner and game night, and just coming together to have fun and celebrate is filling. Also the life lessons imparted by those who have been married longer – through their stories – makes our own relationship deeper as we learn.

Since Des and I got married we have had a number of Household Servants (which happens since you can get a new one yearly). Here’s a thank you to all of them!

Ninong Melo and tita Nini Villaroman, kuya Bob and Ninang Reena Murga, kuya Mon and ate Merlyn Arguelles, kuya Jay and Ninang Tonette Pangan, kuya Dino and ate Cel Badilla, kuya Stephen and ate Flor Ramos, tito Dan and tita Espie de Guzman, and now tito Benjie and tita Elaine Gadi.

Thank you!

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