Ot PADJ at the HO

We are working on so many things, and in doing so, we also need to work on ourselves. And the Home Office, being the support of everything that we do, needs to improve as well.

So we were given a workshop by the power couple of Ron and Chepe Sampayan, which not only brought everyone together, but forged a way forward as well. We hope that working together, we can have a better Home Office.

So what is Ot PADJ? Simply put, our core values at the HO. We were discussing the core values, and also Hot Fudge Sundaes – and it just fit!

OThers first




Joyful spirit

That must have been a work of the Holy Spirit right there, or maybe hunger. Or both. Are they the same? Holy Spirit and the hunger to do more? See what I did there?

You will see an even better Home Office, and that will translate to an even better community as well.

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