A Dream for the Future

Remember the big three things happening at the same time? Remember the first one? Well here’s the second one. We are making moves to have our own permanent home! No, not me, the community!

After 37 years of renting spaces – and having spaces sponsored for us – there is an opportunity to have a permanent Home Office! It came out of the blue, and there are talks now to acquire it. Things are looking good, and we want everyone to be involved in this effort for our home.

It was brought to the Seniors during the retreat in Tagaytay, and then also to the community during the Advent recollection. I am truly excited for this project! Who doesn’t want to have a home of their own? Where all community members can use, and hang out. Please help!

Here is the link to the donor page, and you will see the iterations of donations, but of course, any amount is appreciated.

Stay tuned for updates 🙂


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