Dream and Innovate

We had our Advent Recollection on Sunday and had two wonderful speakers in Fr. Ben Beltran and Fr. Jek Arada. We have known Fr. Ben since forever. Ever since we were involved more than 18 years ago in Smokey Mountain.

He is the main man of Smokey Mountain, and help rehabilitate it from a mountain of trash to a decent place to live. And he shared his other endeavors to make this world a better place. What a good man, Fr. Ben.

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Fr. Ben Beltran always brings the Gospel to life. Real life experiences and projects. Thabk you Fr. Ben!

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Fr. Jek is one of the favorite speakers of the community. He is funny, and yet finds his way to touch your heart. For so many times during his session, you could see people wiping the tears from the eyes – out of laughter, and out of being touched by his words.

Three things really hit me during that whole morning:

  1. We do not achieve greatness because we do not dream enough.
  2. You will always be pushed to become more than who you are.
  3. We will not be great if we will not be innovative.

We need to keep dreaming. If we stop dreaming, we will stagnate. Sometimes we get so busy with so much work, we end up not dreaming big anymore. Just like in Inception with that scene where they got their guns out: “You have to dream a little bigger, darling.”

With those dreams and aspirations, we will be pushed to do more and become more than who we are currently. We also have to keep growing, keep learning and keep improving. Why stop at how we are now? Let’s be better!

And we also must innovate. The way we did things years ago is not how to do them now. We hear that all the time. So why stay the same? Why keep everything the same? The message is the same, yes of course – the Gospel stays the same – but how we communicate it, and the structures we have to do it – they need to innovate.

So much to do. So hard to be. But we soldier on!

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