What changed?

At our household this week, our discussion was about our journey in faith from what was pre-determined for us (being born Catholic) to our living it out everyday.

I shared about how at the start, being in Kids Formation and then going into the youth, it was just my being obedient that made me go there – and well, as a kid and a tween you don’t really have much of a choice.

And then after college, the decision to become a missionary and really strive to live out the Catholic life happened.

What was interesting from the prayer meeting is that ate Cel asked me: “What changed? Since you were always in community, what changed your mindset? “

I don’t think anyone has ever asked me that before.

I came from being inactive and indifferent about community, and then changing totally to being passionate about this life – and the spark that really made that happen was MISSION.

I went on mission on my own. Meaning, no family along with me, just me and a group of other teens and young adults whom I never met before (who would become some of the best friends I ever had). Dependent on community to take care of me. Dependent on my conviction and faith to share and give of myself. Dependent on others to support me and help me traverse the mission life (from zero to mission was quite a big leap).

But MISSION showed me what this community is all about. MISSION made me experience family and friendship wherever I went. MISSION made me feel that my faith is alive and aflame!

That changed. I was no longer an observer. Nor was I a forced child of member at a gathering. Nor a conference only member. I was a missionary. And that engulfed me.

Until today. With my wife. With my kids. A MISSIONARY FAMILY OF CHRIST. We are a family on mission.

And what changed me, changes my marriage and is changing my kids as well.

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