Leveling Up

As a missionary we all signed up to serve 24/7. We are on call all day, everyday. You can get sent on mission for a weekend, a week, a month, 3 months, 2 years. It is a wonderful job that opens your mind and heart so much, and lets you experience a lot of cultures and experiences around the country and around the world.

I definitely would recommend it to everyone, if you have that itch, go and apply!

And as missionaries, we also want to improve their skills and capabilities, so they can get even more responsibilities. They can start handling programs and areas. They can go and handle Ministries, Pillars, media, departments, etc. There are so many aspects of the great work that we do that our missionaries can take on as they go along their missionary journey.

Good thing we have our HR and our Office on Fulltimers that can help train us all in terms of what we need to improve.

Where is this post coming from? We had a good meeting yesterday with some Ministry and Pillar Coordinators and just mapped out “career paths” for missionaries. We want everyone to know that there is continuous improvement, and they can always step up to do more.

Oh this missionary life. So exciting!

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