Proud of Lolo!

I can definitely play lolo in the upcoming movie. But seriously, proud grandson here. Maybe the Olympics can look at what happened and give them the medal they deserved decades ago.

Reposting from the Philippine Star:

MANILA, Philippines — The little-known saga of the Philippine basketball team that endured historical injustice at the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, Germany, is the subject of the Philippines’ first historical sports feature film which will start rolling anytime now.

Veteran sports anchor and writer Bill Velasco, who is the film’s co-producer and writer, said that the movie 1936: The Islanders in Berlin will pay tribute to the Filipino hoopsters who placed fifth overall at the 11th Summer Olympics. “It is up to this day the highest finish of any Asian team in Olympic basketball history,” he stressed.

Award-winning indie filmmaker and writer Arlyn dela Cruz-Bernal will direct and co-produce under her Blank Pages Productions.

The Filipino squad — called The Islanders from what was then known as the Philippine islands before it became a Republic — was the darling of the German media as well as adoring blonde girls, who sent them scented love letters mainly due to their exotic looks and agility when basketball was played outdoor on a dirt court and without shot clock.

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