Saints and Souls

The first two days of November are all about prayer, being thankful and making memories with those who are important.

Not at all like how our President (how many more years left with this guy? He might live to be more than a 100 considering how he is) described these days.

It is about praying for those who have left us, praying they are in Heaven or are journeying there faster, and praying for those of us who continually remember them and are affected by their absence.

It is about being thankful for the lives that have touched us, being thankful for the intercessors and Saints who are journeying with us, and being thankful for the things we have learned from those who have gone before – so we can be become better versions of ourselves.

And it is about making memories. Memories by telling stories about those who are watching us from above, memories by strengthening the bonds with those who are with us today, and memories by just living our lives to the fullest – knowing the good we do gets us closer to where we want to be – Heaven.

Thankful for these days. Not just for the rest, but for the best times.

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