Yes, I did lose 20 pounds

It has been a while since I posted about my health. I watched Kris Aquino speak about her health and her 80 tablets that she drinks everyday, so here’s an update on mine since last June.

I have been taking medication for hypertension since June. I used to take 2 tablets of 80mg each a day, with another tablet 2x a week. I stopped eating rice, drinking soda and snacking. The effects were fast and good.

In July, I had lost 18 pounds. After only a month!


At my next check-up my medication was cut in dosage and in frequency, and my blood pressure became normal. Who knew that just cutting the fat would actually work? I didn’t diet, I just cut what needed to be cut.

I lost a couple of more pounds since then, and I have been trying to go to the next step: which is exercising more. Going to the gym doesn’t work for me. Even if it is only a five minute drive away, it is easier for me to just go outside and walk. It is more of finding the right time during the day for it.

It isn’t over yet, I want to really cut the meds down even more. And want to post that #DAdBod Beach Selfie with no love handles – I can dream, right?

It’s not too late to change what you eat. No need even for those starve yourself for hours on end diets. Just eat the right stuff. Let’s keep going.

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