Being Part of #FamiliesOnMission means the kids too

We had the regular Seniors Assembly on Sunday for CFC-FFL. A monthly gathering of the servant leaders from the different areas of NCR.

Our theme for 2019 is FAMILIES ON MISSION, and as a family with young kids, that is as simple as bringing them to the assemblies that we have to attend. That is where they experience the community we are serving, and where they start making friends for life.

Same as how I experienced it. Growing up experiencing the community and all the activities, and also making best friends along the way. What they need to know about community can be TAUGHT, but better if CAUGHT because of how they feel the love of Christ through other people in community.

So when the SA has a KFL assembly, then it helps us as well. We go to Mass together with the community, have snacks with the community and other families, and then all the kids come together and have a KFL assembly. They get to know other kids, be active members of KFL and learn more about the faith, the community and the theme. It is a perfect set-up.

Thank you CFC KFL! And here we go continuing to be a family on mission!

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