Be Silent

The Gospel today is of Bartimaeus, the blind man, calling out to Jesus. And the people telling him to be silent. But he speaks up anyway and eventually, he gets his wish to be healed.

It is apt to have this Gospel today, as we brought our kids to the CFC-FFL Senior’s Assembly at Lay Force. 5 of them plus their cousin who is staying with us for a few days. When we go out on Sundays we usually do not bring a yaya – we hardly ever do anymore, come to think of it. So it is all Des and I.

But kids being kids, they get restless at times. And when they see their friends, then they end up wanting to play. So we end up with the occasional look to get them to stop, or we tell them to BE SILENT!

Why do we do that? Are we concerned about what other people will say, or do we want them to listen and participate at the Mass? If it is the latter, then we should also show them that we are listening and participating. And they will see to follow our example.

But if we ourselves are not listening and participating, then how can we fault them for being restless and wanting to do other things – when in our minds we want to do the same thing to.

Maybe we should BE SILENT. Be silent in our concerns, checking our phones, looking around, and we should call out to Jesus at Mass, so that He can actually answer the gnawing in our hearts. He knows what we are feeling, even if sometimes we do not know ourselves.

Next time you see us shushing our kids at Mass, take a look at us as well, hopefully we are showing them the right way to BE SILENT – by participating in the life of the Church through the Mass.

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