Kids at Work and Trivia Night

We brought the three young ones to work today because, yes, it is semestral break! They are on break for two days and they are already complaining how they are stuck at home. The downside of leaving later in the morning is they can all run after you and go with you.

The older two decided to stay home. One to escape with my sister for an overnight, and the other to visit her friend in the village.

So we brought them and they played with everyone in the office. Hopefully the missionaries were still able to work on their pending stuff. Thanks, guys!

Then tonight, they played their trivia game! There is something up with PLDT tonight so that’s why the video is cut, hopefully the recorded portion gets uploaded too.

These kids are a riot. They are each others’ barkada, playmates and they have such wild imaginations. It’s amazing to be with them everyday and watch them grow and see how their minds work.

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