Building up the Parish of San Pedro Calungsod – Sanctuary of Padre Pio

We were happy to be invited and go to the 51st birthday and 31st Sacerdotal anniversary of our parish priest Fr. Sandy Enhaynes on Monday. It was held at the Eugenio Lopez Center in Antipolo – also where we have Sunday Masses while the parish church is being constructed (at 9am).

Before the Lopez Center was renovated, it was an abandoned structure for so many years. As kids we used to go up and look around, walking through the empty halls, theater, bowling alley. It was very creepy and haunted-like. Nice to see that they improved it and made it public.

The new parish was started last year, and the Church building is being donated by tita Menchu Concepcion on her property. It is going to be focused on the youth of the Diocese – so that’s why the patron is San Pedro Calungsod, and also Padre Pio, as a special granted request of tita Menchu. There will be a first class relic of Padre Pio there soon, and there will be healing Masses. I, and our family, am so excited to be part of building up this parish.

When they were building up our old Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Taktak, it was inspiring seeing it go up little by little – and now it is the preferred venue of so many weddings and photoshoots.

Now here we are again, working together for this new endeavor. We are definitely 100% with Fr. Sandy and all the parishioners of the SPCP-SPP. Message me if you want to help out too.

The Parish is rising along Sumulong Highway, on the La Veranda property, and across Fatima University and La Salle.


  1. Hi sir! We and my soon to be husband went there hoping we could inquire about our wedding. The workers there told us that the construction wiuld be complete by March. I hope we could know who to ask with regards my concern. Thank you so much and God bless!

  2. Hi, Sir.

    By any chance, would you know as to when is the target project completion of the church? And as to who can we contact to discuss our inquiries? My partner and I are looking for a perfect church for our big day. Our target is on 2020.

    Your response will be highly appreciated. Thank you.


  3. Good day and god bless… ask ko lng po kung pede n po mag inquire sa wedding.the wedding will be nxt year june.wating for the reply.thnks so much

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