#PostcardsForMacron hey, #BigFamiliesRock!

President Macron is facing backlash over what he said recently about big families. Obviously, I am not with Macron on this issue. I am part of a big family. And have always seen how much love and support – and awesomeness – big families bring.

My dad is one of 10 children. My mom, one of 14!


They had 5 kids, with me being the second.


Des and I have 5 kids of our own. Still a long way to go before 10 or 14, but definitely more than what we see nowadays with just 1 or 2.

Sabangan 2017

Having kids is a blessing. And having 5 is blessing x 5. Your heart expands. You simplify. You see what is needed and important. And you learn to stretch your arms and hands to embrace even more.

We wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you, though, Macron, for giving the opportunity for so many Big Families to come together and show each other the wonderful side of this life we have chosen.

And, in our family’s case, how it was 70 years ago is still the same as how it is now. We have lots of kids, we are making it work and we will make a difference!


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