Children’s Rosary Rally

Every year, CFC-FFL teams up with Family Rosary Crusade and the Ortigases for the Children’s Rosary Rally (I posted an article on the 12th one a few years ago, written by tita Mimi).

We gather kids from different areas and schools, they have a catechism session, pray the rosary and hear Mass. It is a great gathering of prayer and love.

This year, our eldest was asked to be the emcee / voice over / commentator for the proceedings. And our second, as a member of the CFC KFL club in her school, was invited to go as well. And an interesting note is that I recently was elected into the Board of Directors of the Family Rosary Crusade.

Everything just fell into place this year for our family and this activity. It was a great morning for us, and we were so happy to see all the kids so involved.

It is a beautiful showcase of love for Our Mother, and I am sure she is looking upon us with a wide smile. Hugs, Mama!

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