The Padilla 7 and Privacy

We put up a Facebook page, an Instagram account and a Twitter account for The Padilla 7. For our family, and the things we can share about raising 5 kids.

But social media has become a different place than even just a few months ago. Much more trolls, hate and negativity. And it made us think twice about sharing pictures of the kids – since they are still very young.

We still want to share how they are being raised, and the different lessons we learn along the way, but maybe she less pictures – just a few family pictures on special occasions. Publicly, anyway.

So the Twitter is gone – since that is where majority of the trolls hang out. The Facebook page will be connected to this blog. And the IG is on private. So we can be more careful of who to allow to see them growing up.

Thanks for journeying with us, we still have a long way to go! We are entering Junior High School territory soon, and I think Des and I are more apprehensive about that than our eldest!

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