Always Catholic

This is not an easy time in the Church. I always have to brace myself, and make sure I do my prayer time, before opening my email and checking the daily news. There’s always something new that pops up. Especially this past week.

Sure it started out as local news in the USA. But it did branch out to the Vatican. And now it is affecting everyone, everywhere. There are so many sides to each issue, and so many ways to look at it (liberal, conservative, pro-Pope Francis, pro-Pope Benedict XVI, etc). And if you read everything, and look through all the commentary you can end up confused.

But there really is no reason to be confused. Not confused in terms of faith, anyway. The truth has not changed for 2,000 years. We are working towards our salvation by looking at the example of Jesus. We have a loving Father who empowers us with His Holy Spirit. We have a Mother who cries for us, and whom we cry to for help. We have a community that is present worldwide that routinely reflects and lives out the sacrifice of Jesus. We have angels and saints who pray and watch over us.

Yes, the people in the Church, well, are people. It definitely is very difficult when you deal with erring leaders in your area. There are so many things to consider. It is also even more difficult if you want change things. It takes time. Effort. Prayers. And a lot of political will. That is without outside eyes watching your every move. What more when one billion eyes are on you, and each one has an opinion. It must be harrowing.

I am praying for our Church. And most especially the leaders of the Church. What is happening shakes me everyday. That people can lie, cover up, and do nothing. Or people can falsely accuse and spread fake news. Depends which side of the coin you are looking at. But my faith is not shaken. Because we are all imperfect and we are all on the same journey toward Heaven.

This will just make us stronger. Prayers for you as well. We all need as much as we can get.

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