Oh Isidro.


Our best friends have an angel in Heaven. Cocoi, my best man (in my wedding and in life) and Gay’s son Isidro passed away a few days ago after 71 days.

He was a fighter. He fought to get better. He fought to give his parents a chance to hold and swaddle him.He fought to show all of us that we can fight, too. Fight with prayer. Fight with hope.

71 days of prayer from people all around the world. But we can only hope to fathom the Will of God in all of this. Maybe the mission of Isidro (whom I would like to call Javi) is to bring us back to prayer. Maybe his mission was to strengthen our family ties. Maybe his mission was to show us how to make every moment count.

We know that this is such a difficult time for Coi, Gay, Pablo, Ben, Louie and Adi. But Javi has blessed us for 71 days. And those 71 days will bring us closer to God, each other and help us strive forward in our own mission.

Thank you Isidro, Idoy, Javi. You have shown us so much. And your parents have shown us so much too. So much faith. So much trust. And so much love. If there is something I have learned from your journey here, is how much your parents cling to the Lord in everything. And that pushes me to do the same.

Thank you for this blessing to have prayed for you. I am sure you are praying for us now. And smiling at the way we are all clinging to God’s promise in our own lives.

[Some words from Cocoi, and the homily of Fr. Jun-G Bargayo]

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