Lessons of a Missionary

Wrote this to the New Evangelization Conference team after our evaluation session. Just seemed apt to give some unsolicited lessons, especially after turning 43.

Sharing them with you too.

1. The idealism you had when you entered missionary life, don’t lose it. Always know and remind yourself of the reason why you went full-time. That will keep you excited to work everyday.

2. Fight for what you KNOW is right. Not what you believe is right, but for what you KNOW for sure is right. Sometimes you champion it. Sometimes you lobby. Sometimes you find a champion. Know what will work.

3. Choose your battles. We have an opinion on everything and everyone. But if we are going to dip our fingers everywhere, we won’t get anything done. Do what is assigned to you and :

4. Give 100% all the time. We don’t know how long we are assigned to an area or service. So give 100% at all times – ideas, programs, projects. Give it all. You might not pass that way again.

5. Always be open to change. Sometimes we get what we want, other times we do not. We get moved around. Just see the plan of God in all the movements of your life everyday, and you won’t be anxious.

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