Change of Lifestyle

As anyone who struggles with dieting, exercising and health knows… it is really a struggle. After starting a health journey last year I was good and on track. But after a trip abroad and the holidays, I slipped back into normal eating habits. I didn’t gain so much weight, but I wasn’t eating healthy.

I did some exercise around our village and in Anytime Fitness. We had a Biggest Loser competition in the Home Office. And for my 43rd birthday coming up, I decided to get an Executive Check-up. A gift for myself.

I got one at Clinica Antipolo, and I am happy with how they arranged everything. Got blood tests, X-rays, etc. It isn’t one whole day though, it is spread out over the course of a few days – depending on doctors’ availability (there is a check in option, so I wonder how that goes if the doctors are not available). There is a spike in my blood pressure, and that got me concerned.

Went to a cardiologist yesterday with Des and our eldest and youngest, and there you go. Change of lifestyle is needed. Elevated blood pressure and higher cholesterol numbers. All these years of burgers, pizza, pasta, red meat, soda, fried this and that, ice cream have finally come to haunt me. Entering the 40s is no joke.

But like I said in the post about my Health Journey, I am doing this for my family. I have eaten all that stuff already for 40 years, time to start with fish, veggies and all that stuff. Lord, help me.

Sabine was there listening to the doctor (thank you tita Angie! Prolife doctors are the best doctors), and she will be my main bantay in what I eat. Pray for me! And watch me eat as well. Call me out. Because, oh my gosh, when I see that stuffed crust pizza with soda and lots of ice – or that juicy burger with cheesy fries and a vanilla sundae – I need to be restrained.

Seriously (when am I not serious ;p ), for my family, my service and my mission, this lifestyle change is needed. Just like how, 21 years ago, when I heard the call to be a missionary, it was a complete lifestyle change.

Trusting and depending on the Lord 24/7, and dedicating my life (and my future family’s life) to Him. It hasn’t been an easy ride for the past 21 years since that time I said YES to God, but He has been faithful. He has taken care of my spirit, now I need to take care of my physical body. I need that after all to keep working.

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