2 Year Assignment

I was one of 7 appointed to be part of the CFC-FFL Servant Council starting this June 16. It is a daunting appointment, and I hope and pray we can do the job that is expected of us. Hopefully even surpass expectations.

When I went full-time way back in 1997, I was assigned to the Youth as a missionary. Went to different provinces and countries, started Youth Camps here and there. Related with people of all types. Missionary life really prepares you – no, it plunges you – into the real world.

In 1999, I got assigned to the work with the poor (Angkop Foundation as it was called back then). Building up the shelter program, making homes in Bagong Silang, Caloocan. It was a truly humbling and eye-opening experience. Just working in the field everyday.

By 2001, I was the International Coordinator of Youth for Christ. And we had a great run. Starting so many areas, sending missionaries on long term mission to Africa and Latin America. Thousands of people started attending conferences.

2006, I moved to being the International Coordinator of Singles for Christ. This is the time I got married too. And started having my own family (now with 5 kids!).

By 2008 I was the Coordinator of Kids for Family and Life – youth, work with the poor, singles and now kids! I was able to experience all sorts of service.

Then in 2010, we started FLiQ Media – the media arm of CFC-FFL. It went on to win awards from the Catholic Mass Media Awards and the Catholic Social Media Awards. I am very proud of where FLiQ is especially today 🙂

I ended up in Congress in 2013, working for Congressman Lito Atienza, to help craft pro-life legislation. And in 2014 joined YesPinoy of Dingdong Dantes as Executive Director. All experiences through missionary work up to that point just molds you and equips you to handle anything. I think the best employees are those who have gone through missionary life at some point (maybe I am being biased).

By 2016 I was a missionary again, heading up the Live Life pillar of Live Christ, Share Christ Movement. Just bringing the pro-life message to as many people through social media (at the time, now they are doing so much more than that!).

Now, previous to this appointment, I am the Admin and Finance coordinator of Live Christ, Share Christ. It is a challenge, a good one, to raise funds and coordinate this massive work of LCSC which is offered for free to anyone who wants to engage. Even the pillars – Live Life, LBS, Live Pure and No One In Need – all for free. It is exciting stuff.

So on June 16, another great challenge, and I am excited for it. I have been getting a medical check-up just to make me ready for what is to come (another post on that soon, once I figure out what is up with me :p).

Thank you for the trust, keep praying for us. When I went full-time all those years ago – 21 years ago – I distinctly heard my mission: Bring My love to as many people, as fast as you can.

Let’s do this. I am ready.

My dear brethren, this is to inform you that upon the expiry of the term of the present SC, I have appointed a new SC, effective June 16, 2018. They have a term of 2 years. The members of the new SC are the following: (1) Lachie Agana (current CoS, CFC-FFL Continent Coordinator for Oceania, member of the Int’l Body of Counselors) (2) Ricky Celino (current Area Servant of Laguna) (3) Jojo Dunglao (Area Servant for NCR South and Country Coordinator for Taiwan) (4) Cocoi Javier (CFC-FFL European Mission Coordinator and NONe Coordinator) (5) Jepoy Meneses (CFC-FFL Family Ministries Coordinator) (6) Ed Paalam (CFC-FFL Disapora Coordinator for Indonesians, LCSC World East Coordinator, member of the Int’l Body of Counselors) (7) Xavy Padilla (LCSC Admin & Finance Coordinator) The new Country Servant (CoS) is bro Ricky Celino. The SC governs the life and mission of CFC-FFL in the Philippines, including oversight of its full embrace of LCSC. Please give them your full support and keep them in your prayers. God bless. frank “For to me life is Christ, and death is gain.” (Phil 1:21)

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