Summer Fun 2018

This is a hectic summer for the kids. We don’t usually enroll in summer programs – maybe just a swimming class. They just stay at home, sometimes take a trip to Baguio or the beach, and that’s it.

This time, we decided to invest in summer programs for the 4 (out of 5) kids. To keep them healthy and active, and to help develop themselves more. Better than just staying home watching Netflix or on a gadget.

Being hooked on gadgets makes them irritable, impatient and whiny. That’s why we always limit their use of gadgets even during the school year. This summer, these activities are making them active, teaching them about commitment and cooperation, and in some ways, also helping them deal with losing.

Our eldest is taking frisbee and Korean – don’t ask me about why she picked Korean, I don’t know. But it is good for her to be more active, and also expand her mind with other cultures and languages. Might even help her with Tagalog, hopefully!

Our second is doing competitive swimming and voice. I watched some of her swim classes and she is pretty good. I was pleasantly surprised.

Our boy will be in soccer and basketball this summer. Way more sporty than me. And I am very happy he didn’t get my lazy-bones attitude. It will also be good for him to learn sportsmanship and how to interact with a team.

And the fourth is taking gymnastics and swimming. She is an introvert in school (though definitely not so at home), and so those sports will help her come out of her shell – outside the house.

It is a bit of a stretch in terms of scheduling, but we make it work. When all their classes are over, we have a short trip, a Kids Conference and then it is back to school (unless they more classes to later than June, then we have more spare time to fill up)!

Here’s to summer!

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