Huawei, I’m an Android!

Ok, I couldn’t find a picture of my “I’m a Mac” t-shirt, so I just posted a picture of our household fellowship last night. The Alley by Vikings in UP Town Center is nice, has a lot of Asia cuisine, servings are smaller so you don’t overeat (what, it is a buffet) and it is eclectic. Very nice.

But that isn’t the point of this post. I am posting this because of a major life event. I have left the cult of Apple, and moved to Android. I actually did do that a few years ago, but quickly went back to Apple once the Samsung phone I had started physically falling apart.

Apple was always the phone of choice once they started making them (before that was Nokia and the occasional Ericsson). It was cool, sleek and only had one button so easy to use. When in doubt, just click the button. Android devices improved faster though – better camera, more functionalities, etc – but I stayed with Apple. More of because it was a statement – being a maverick and thinking differently – even down to the stores and Genius Bar. And it really would take a genius to solve all the kinks that you eventually had to solve on your own with an Apple device.

But, the improvements in Apple didn’t make leaps and bounds. And when they announced something new, Android would always be saying: well, we had that years ago. And now, the battery. It is an unsaid complaint that the battery of an iPhone doesn’t last very long. 4 hours at maximum when you are doing usual tasks – social media, notes, email.

So basically you are connected to any socket you can find during the day. Car charger. Powerbank. Wall socket. Laptop. Anything. To get you through to 5pm. It was just too tiresome. And well, I’ve had enough.

Got my wife’s Huawei phone (she got a Siomai), and it is so much better. The battery actually lasts THE WHOLE DAY. I don’t need to plug it until I get home at the end of the day. THAT IS UNHEARD OF. The apps are the same, the ways of working it are a bit different – there are three buttons instead of one. Takes a bit of getting used to, but it works.

Of course, since I do have a MacBook Air, the connectivity is not immediate as it was before, but just connecting it via cable, it works. Lost iMessage, but everyone can just move to Viber.

Thanks, Apple. It was cool to have you for decades, but at P40,000+ a phone, it is just too much. Android can go for even more than half the price of an iPhone. Thanks for the memories, Steve! And here’s to making more with…. wait, I have no idea who makes the Android phones. But, anyway, doesn’t matter.

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