Nespresso Convert!

I do love coffee. I never did like coffee before, but I have to give the first Starbucks opened in 6750 the credit for fueling this coffee addiction. I tried it, just like everyone else, when it first opened. And I don’t think I had ever had coffee before that. I remember ordering a Coffee Frapuccino and not sleeping for 3 days after that!

But from there, it has been coffee all the time. Now there are so many more options out there: CBTL, Figaro, Tim Horton’s, Coffee Project, all the small cafes and coffee shops, and now, Nespresso.

We see the Nespresso stores abroad sometimes, and we never really got to go around in one, because the thunking we had is that they are too expensive anyway. But, we watched Kris Aquino’s episode on it – yes, we watch Kris. And we love watching her. Honesty is so rare in media these days, and Kris is nothing but honest! – and so we ordered online!

Took a couple of days to get it right because it would end transaction once we tried the credit card option. So we ended up going with bank deposit. We ordered the P8,900 Inissia which comes with one set of coffee flavors to try.

Such a great machine. Such good coffee. Each refill capsule is about P33. So if you are used to a P120 cup of coffee at a big coffee chain, then you get your money’s worth after about 70 cups of coffee – which is less than two months. Worth the initial investment. [No, not a sponsored post, I just love the machine and the coffee]

So it has been more than a month since our last visit to a Starbucks. Which fits very well with our Family and Life advocacy as well. Since we do not agree with their core principle anyway. Now it makes it easier to stay away.

So good to have Nespresso. Yum!

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