Baguio 2018: Destined for Greatness

We go up to Baguio at least once a year for the annual CFC FFL Community Conference. It is held at CAP Convention Center in Camp John Hay, during a late January / early February weekend.

This year we brought our kids with us (we swing between bringing and not bringing them, depending on many factors), and we stayed at the Baguio Country Club. The food there just keeps getting smaller and smaller every year. Still good, and the buffets are still great, but the a la carte menu is shrinking.

Just an awesome update: getting to Baguio is so much faster now. With NLEx to SCTEx to TPLEx and having the Pozzorubio exit open, it cuts travel by so much! We left our lunch place along NLex past 1pm and got to CAP by 5pm! When you exit Pozzorubio, it is just about 10KM to Kennon Road. And it will be even closer once they open the last exit in Rosario, La Union.

The issue really is getting to NLEx from wherever you are in Manila. Because the traffic in the city is just as horrible as ever. But once you are in the expressways, it is free flowing. More stops along the way too – well, once you pass the SCTEx stop with Pancake House, then there’s nothing. So… wait… not so much stops yet.

We got to Baguio at around 5pm, and while Des went to the Conference venue for the Signs and Wonders Shoppe set up, I brought the kids horseback riding. There are horses just up the road from CAP. P250 for 30 minutes, and P400 for one hour.

We checked in and had… well, of course, buffet! You seriously should have 5 plates of food to make sure you eat up the buffet price.

The DESTINED FOR GREATNESS conference was truly great! It is always enriching and fulfilling for us when we attend. And we only had a small “walk-on-stage-sway-and-shine-a-light” moment in the program, so we were truly just delegates listening to the sessions. Always a good experience.

Our upper Household was able to have dinner as well during the weekend. And mom’s favorite Team Visayas (those who served in Live Christ, Share Christ Balasan, Iloilo and those assigned for the Visayas this year). And the kids were able to ride horses two more times the whole weekend.

Thank you, Baguio, for always being awesome. The drive home, though, that’s another story. Traffic at the intersection at the end of Kennon to the main road. Traffic at the exit of TPLEx, entrance of SCTEx, all bathrooms in gas stations, all food outlets, and at the exit at NLEx. Hey, what better way to apply what you learned from a conference if not right away?

We are Destined for Greatness!

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