Ten Tips for 2018

I have had these tips for a while now, just never getting the chance to write them down properly. With 2018, it seems like the right thing to do. Here are some tips I have experienced throughout these years, which are all good to re-experience this 2018.

  1. Take a chance

When I got out of College (way back in 1997), I would always hear people say: Don’t lose your idealism. The world can be so cutthroat and cold-hearted that one can just lose himself and become like the crowd. So I would always give out of the box ideas, different ways of looking at things, and just plain weird suggestions. Some ignored, some implemented. But always taking that chance with that different idea or new way of doing something. We should not lose that idealism. Even 20+ years down the road, we should still take chances. Everyone says the world changes so fast (and we experience that, just look at how we all communicate now), so why stop taking chances?

2. Bawl like a baby

We don’t look to kindly at people crying in the Philippines. We always end up making fun of them or snickering. Which is why we try not to cry and hold our emotions in check (or maybe it is a Filipino thing?). Once you feel those tears coming, pinch yourself. Blink a lot. Or keep your eyes really open so the water won’t run down. Or do something to keep your mind off it. There are a few times, though, that I really let them flow. And that always felt good. Like cleansing. Almost all of them in private (though there have been one or two times embarrassingly in public). But it is always a good release.

3. Stuff your face

Food is good! And there as so many choices aside from the usual fast food. There are food parks, and fusion restaurants. Though there are also so many diets! No carbs. All carbs. No fat. All the fat you want. Just vegetables. Just meat. What the. Whatever suits you, do it. But there are times when you just have to stuff your face full of that thick deep dish with cheese filled crust all the toppings in the world pizza. With a side of chocolate cake shake. The world has much to offer! Don’t be a glutton, but do enjoy good food once in a while.

4. Jump for joy

There are things that make you truly happy. You know what they are because they make you feel light enough that if you jump you’d reach the clouds. Take stock of what those are and give importance to them. If you have never had that feeling, or have not felt it in a while, then go and look for it. How can one not jump for pure, unadulterated joy?

5. Laugh out loud

There are the LOL (which we type but we are not actually doing). And there is that truly laughing until you cannot breathe and feel that you actually might die. Des and I experience that so much especially when we are hanging out with the kids. They just do and say the weirdest things! Just don’t be caught in that moment when you are driving or about to do something serious (like give a talk or write an article) because it just messes up the timeline. LOL.

6. Hold your breath

Not because you are about to take a dip, but because you are just truly in awe of something. Maybe it is a show you are watching. Or looking at beautiful structures. Or that moment you look at nature’s beauty and are just breathless. That time when you are nervous, excited, awestruck and afraid all rolled into one. Holding your breath takes in the moment and tries to keep it in the moment – even for a few seconds.

7. Play in the mud

Jax loves Peppa Pig. And one of the favorites of that pig is to jump in muddy puddles. In this age of whitening and being clean, no one wants to be wet in the rain. Much less muddy because of playing in dirt. But what is wrong with getting a little dirty? The experience of having fun and enjoying, outweighs the few minutes you will have to take in cleaning up after.

8. Take a trip

I believe that going out of what you are used to opens your eyes and mind to new ways of doing things. Yes, our horizons are opened especially when we go outside the country, but there are lots to learn even if we go to a different province from what we are used to. Surfing in Baler, Mountains in Tanay, Clear pure water in Mindoro, and so much more. And with all these affordable fares and AirBnB, all we need is to go!

9. Close your eyes

Everyone is so connected now. Social media has taken over our lives. If it is not online, it never happened. For the ‘gram. Filters. Snaps. Stories. Tweets (well maybe not so much in Tweets). It has influenced us so much that if we don’t get a certain amount of engagement, we get concerned. It affects self-esteem in so much young people. Take time out. Close your eyes and just feel your surroundings. Use your imagination. What we imagine is infinitely more interesting that what we see on our Facebook feeds.

10. Say a prayer

Never forget the reason for us. Waking up, checking social media, getting ready, being stuck in traffic, work and school stress, relationship difficulties, traffic, traffic, traffic, sleeping exhausted. We can definitely forget our true focus. So say a prayer. When you wake up. Before checking social media. While getting ready. In traffic. Dealing with school and work. To heal relationships. In traffic. In traffic. In traffic. Before you sleep. It will make all the difference.

Some tips for this 2018. Use one or use them all. They are life-changing. See you this 2018! Let’s compare notes.

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