Hit That Reset Button

It is a few hours before we end 2017 with a bang (or maybe not so much a bang since fireworks are supposed to be regulated this year) and start a new year. We always say at the end of the year that the year went by so fast. Though during the year itself, we complain that it is moving so slow. But, the end of 2017 has finally come, and we are off and running to meet 2018!

So many things have happened this 2017. Challenges, blessings, movements, arguments, disagreements, joys and all other emotions and experiences rolled into one. Our family has had our share of all of them, and they all just make us stronger and more committed.

This end of the year is the time to take stock of what has happened, lick our wounds, stretch our sore muscles (if we have any) and hit that reset button.

Hit that reset button in terms of our relationships and ways we deal with other people. It would be painful and, well, sad, if we drag all our hurts and “tampo” into 2018. It is time to start fresh and look at people with new eyes, blank slates and a smile on our faces.

Make this 2018 different by hitting that reset button. It will surprise many, but most of all it will surprise you. With less baggage entering the new year, you can very well jump higher.

Have a happy new year and here we go, soaring into 2018!

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