Our New Home

We moved into our new home almost a month ago after our ground breaking more than a year ago. We were just a few weeks delayed in moving in, but definitely it was all worth the wait. This home is definitely a blessing for our family, and we have dedicated it to serving the community and missionaries in whatever way possible. Of course it isn’t in the main city, but if they do come over to the east, then they know they have a place to stay.

We had it blessed by our new Parish priest Fr. Sandy Enhanynes, and also our new Parish is being built: San Pedro Calungsod Parish.

We also invited for Christmas gatherings right away. From our family, to our household, to our wedding Godchildren, to friends and to the LCSC missionaries. Hopefully we can invite more people to share in this blessing.





The Sotto sisters are here for a visit! Hi tita Jasmine from 🇨🇦!

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We are also moving into a new online home. We both have our blogs (Xavy and Des), and now we have this blog for the family to update on how a big Catholic family deals with life. Come join us on our journey!

Come on in!



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