Back to our Happy Place!

Over the long (and our 11th wedding anniversary) weekend, we went back to our happy place – Sabangan Beach Resort in Laiya, Batangas!

There are different ways to get there, and the travel distance changes with traffic, but using Waze always gets us there fast. 3 hours from Antipolo with the usual stopovers at gas stations and for lunch (with 5 kids, we always need to use the toilet and are always hungry).

This time, in Sabangan, we checked in to the Loft accommodations. Two floors with one room on each floor. Each room had three big beds and a bathroom. With a common terrace and hang out area. Des’ mother in law came along, as well as Yaya Gemma, so we all fit quite nicely.

The kids were happy they didn’t have to pose for pictures this time, so we spent so much time on the beach and in the pool. They are still quite young for water sports and rides, maybe next time.

The food was as amazing as always (meals come at a specific time and all the guests eat together – but even at full capacity, there is always so much room. You do not feel crowded at all). And the Kapeng Barako is the best. If you order it, one pot only costs P50! WHAT. I need to start a business with that.

The water in the beach is always so clean, and the temperature was just right. I love the beach, and I can retire along the beach with wifi, Kapeng Barako and some bonete.

‘Til we meet again!

[Ps we took pictures last time and came out on the Sabangan social media sites]

[Pps our son was so happy that he would get to try his favorite drink. He said it comes in two metal cups. It was so hard to decipher until this dude walked past us:

taho pala!]

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