“There is a huge difference between pro-life & pro-birth.”


I mentioned to a friend of mine that I support a certain President because of his pro-life views. This, after that friend commented on a picture I posted wearing a signature hat (trying to be lee obvious now, but you all know who it is I support). That friend of mine then sent the message above.

I was not sure about the huge difference between being pro-life and pro-birth. I initially thought that being “pro-birth” is another liberal point of view that believes that you can do anything to a baby in the womb until the time the baby is born.

If that was the case then it would be such a sad way of seeing the gift of life.

I see that life begins from the moment of conception. That already is a life and must be protected. So for all nine months (maybe more, maybe less) in the womb, the baby is ALIVE and must be LOVED.

But upon researching more, it is an argument of liberals saying that the pro-life movement only cares about the unborn. So in fact, pro-lifers are the ones that are pro-birth. These liberals and their new terms and slanting the truth to suit themselves.

Being pro-life means we care for life from the moment of conception to natural death. From within the womb, to birth, and throughout their lives. This stems from the fact that the media only picks up on anti-abortion rallies (well, they actually do not feature all of that all the time, but when they do show pro-life news it is always about that), and not all the other good programs and projects that many organizations, Churches and foundations are doing.

Here are some you can look at: The Live Pure Movement and Live Life. Not only caring for unborn babies, but teaching young people how to live a chaste life, and also empowering them to advocate the pro-life message in everyday life. Here too we see the No One In Need Movement which helps people (who are alive and in the world, living haha) learn means of livelihood, address health concerns and even build homes.

Don’t fall for the liberal jargon of people who just want to confuse you. Being pro-life is the way to live. And every person – from within the womb – all the way to the time of death is important and must be respected.

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