HLI and CFC FFL Conferences in the USA

It has been a few weeks since we were in Florida, but it is still as fresh as it were yesterday. We attended two conferences in one week when we were in Orlando.

The first was a Human Life International three-day intensive training on all things pro-life. Given by HLI president Fr. Shenan Boquet and Dr. Brian Clowes. Three days of pro-life information, discussion and tips on what to do. We were fighting jetlag, but it wasn’t so hard as the topics were very engaging. This was the start of a multi-event partnership of CFC FFL, LCSC and HLI for the USA and the world.

Right after that, we went straight into the CFC FFL USA Conference! The speakers and sharers were riveting and moving (as usual), but one stood out – Judge Kathy – who attended because of her involvement in LCSC. She shared about how LCSC has touched and changed her life, and how she sees it moving in the lives of others. Truly an inspired mission.


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