#MAGA hate.

I am currently in Maryland for the Clergy Night of CFC FFL, which happens tonight. We were able to go around Washington DC yesterday to see the sights. We were able to see The National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, the Franciscan Monastery (which has replicas of the places to visit in the Holy Land), had lunch at the Union Market, Capitol, Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial and the White House. Even capped off the evening with The King and I at the Kennedy Center.

A wonderful day spent going around. Some pictures from the day.

At the White House I got myself a Make America Great Again hat. And I knew, from watching Mainstream Media here in the US and looking through Twitter, that anything you post about Trump will be met with hate and insults.

True enough, I got some. But this is what annoyed my the most:

First, my kids are awesome and they look pretty darn good.

Second, it is truly funny that people who say they aren’t heard or feel their rights are being stepped upon, don’t think twice about stepping on the rights of others – even children who have nothing to do with my wearing a hat.

Third, so much hate. I am not a fan of our own President Duterte, but I do not insult families of people who raise their fists in pictures, or pick fights with friends who work in government. He is the President, support what is good, and give opinions on what you don’t agree with; but once you start insults, then you do not win. You lose. Instead of being a keyboard troll, go out and do something.

Fourth, I support Trump and his pro-life and pro-family moves. I hope he gets re-elected. And after him, I hope Pence becomes President. And after him, maybe Kellyanne will be the first woman President of the USA. If the insults keep coming, then that will definitely happen.

Fifth, you can argue with me about my own view as opposed to yours, and we can have a good discussion. But it should not lead to insults. We can unfriend each other on Facebook (haha) but we will always be friends in real life.

God bless America! Hope that more people turn to God and live out their Catholic faith in their daily lives. So many problems will be solved by that. And so much more love will be felt by all.

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