Brought the kids to Kidzania in BGC for my eldest daughter’s 10th birthday (pre-celebration). What a great place!

We got our tickets at a travel fair, so it was discounted. Tip, get your tickets online as there are two lines when entering Kidzania. And the online or pre-bought ticket line is shorter and faster. You can also pre-order your meal at the counter.

When you get in the venue, there are a number of stores and facilities where the kids can become anyone they want to be – a lawyer, a baker, a newscaster, a construction worker, a race car driver – so many things to choose from! I think I was more excited than my kids in going around.

My wife and I even entered one of the banks when the kids went in to get their money (they have to pay for some jobs, and then they get paid for jobs done). The adults in the bank had to tell us that only kids are allowed inside.

Took so many pictures, and had so much fun with them. The 4 hours we spent there was definitely not enough to experience everything (there are some set times for other jobs, so you have to patiently wait in line).

There is also a toddler play area for young kids. What a great birthday treat. Where were you when we were young, Kidzania?

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