Windmills in Pililla [Overnight at Nehemiah Farms]

When I think of Pililla in Rizal, I always have this notion that it is 4 or 5 hours away. But I was proven wrong recently.

The Live Christ, Share Christ full-time missionaries decided to spend an overnight at Nehemiah Farms – owned by the family of one of the FLiQ Media full-time workers, Nikko.

We started with a recollection / meeting with the LCSC Moderator (dad) Frank Padilla and the LCSC East Coordinator (for the Americas and Europe) Ed Yamba and wife Melanie at ALPADI, Antipolo City.

Bring the light to this darkened world

From there, it only took ONE HOUR from Antipolo to get to Pililla. ONE HOUR! And the view (if you pass Marcos Highway) of the Sierra Madre is amazing. Who says there is overpopulation? Maybe just overcrowding.

Big lanes, no traffic, beautiful view.

Around Nehemiah Farms in Pililla are windmills. What an awesome sight to set your eyes on, everywhere you look. Such a relaxing environment for the topics we discussed: Efficiency and Work, Time Management and Social Media.

(An aside: we went camping style, and it has been about 20 years since I last went camping. I remember now why I don’t like sleeping in tents)

Again, such a beautiful place. And quite near. And there are quite a few restaurants along the highway that look interesting. Should try them out soon.

Here we go. Recharged for the second half of 2017.

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