Back to School version 4

We have officially 4 out of 5 kids in school. Our son started school last week, our fourth started on Tuesday. The first two started yesterday. It’s a taste of how things will be, huh. Quiet home. Less chaos. Hoping and praying the kids will make friends and not be bullied. Or even learn how to stand up for themselves.

Our son takes the school bus to and from school. He started that the same time school started. He is having the time of his life! I looked back at when I was Grade 1, I lived in Antipolo and went to school in Pasay (yes, that is insane). But I always had someone there waiting for me the whole day. My son is so much more independent than I am.

Even the fourth, on her first day of school, just walked by herself, then hand in hand with a nun, then her teacher – straight to her classroom. Just waving once or twice to us. These kids know how to take care of themselves. I think us parents need to learn to let them grow, learn and just experience life with minimal supervision (sigh).

Back to homework and quizzes. Birthday parties and Viber groups. Last minute trips to buy art material and rushed requirements. But, next thing you know, blink, and they are all done.

Cherishing every moment of this.

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