Must strive to be a Devoted Dad

Father’s Day is always a good day to look through posts of how people honor their dads. I saw a post about Saintly Examples of Fatherhood. And one particularly struck me.

St. Louis Martin, the father of St. Therese of Lisieux. Here’s why:

Hypersensitive as a child, Thérèse often had tantrums, but her father “had this patience with her which would have tested most people. She learned he still loved her, and he never held it against her.”

This is what I need to improve on. Our youngest, Jax, is very – as I put in my post celebrating her 2nd birthday – FIERCE. She can be sweet and charming one minute, and go on a terrible two tantrum the next. Her terrible twos started when she learned crying will get her attention, and hasn’t stopped yet.

I realize a need to practice a lot more patience and love with her. All our five kids are different, and need different kinds of affirmation and attention. The eldest is very creative and just lives life as she pleases. Our second is our “little nanay” who takes are of everyone. The third is rough and loves physical play. Our fourth is independent and can take care of herself. This 5th, needs attention and care. And as a Devoted Dad, I need to show that to her.

St. Louis, pray for us.

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