Second round of results, even better [Health Journey]

It has been about two months since I started this health journey, and after the first month, the results we good. I was able to go for another consultation, and the results are even better.

I was a bit nervous because the days leading up to the check up were my birthday and other “eat-a-lot” events. But I guess discipline pays off.

I lost another 3 pounds and majority of it body fat. I am now NOT OBESE! I am so happy to say I am just overweight. It’s a process, guys! It won’t happen overnight, and I don’t expect it to happen overnight. I have to learn how to eat properly and eat the right things.

I still need to work on my bone mass and water content – as during the day it is so hard to just keep drinking water without flavor. And I just started re-drinking milk as milk – not ice cream or other stuff that is made of milk. I still take wheatgrass, but have been forgetting to take the fish oil capsules.

I lost another point of visceral fat – and that is the number I am closely watching. That is the fat around the stomach and heart. That need to go down.

This is really a process. I had some gelato on father’s day. And have been eating more rice lately – but mainly because of all the events these past few days. Hard to plan meals when stressed and so busy.

Next challenge is the upcoming mission trip to the US. We have another consultation where we will be taught how to survive. 🙂 The journey continues!

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