Lose your gut, not your guts. [Health Journey]

Keep going.

I didn’t expect to see that sign while I was walking / running today (walking / running because, let’s face it, I have a long way to go to keep running without stopping to walk). But it was a good reminder. You want a sign, there’s your sign.

Keep going.

I haven’t had ice cream in a month. At most I have a Coke Zero (just one) on certain days when I have to give in to a craving. I try not to put sugar in my coffee. I burp fish without eating fish (thank you fish oil capsules). And I drink grass.

Keep going.

I have cut portions and am watching what I eat. I used to eat frosted flakes, but now I go for Cheerios on some days. And on others, just toasted bread and apples. I drink milk now! And that one time when there was free pizza at the office I just had one and a half slices. A far cry from stuffing my face with pizza, mojos and chicken.

Keep going!

One day this won’t be such an effort and it will come as second nature. But for now, keep going.

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