The first results are in! And they are …. good! [Health Journey]

It’s been three weeks since I started going to a Nutritionist. Met Cheshire for initial food intake tip and diet restrictions and I have been following them as best as I can – with many thanks to Des for preparing the food and yaya Gemma for always asking if I took my wheatgrass and milk (not mixed).

I have lightly toasted slices of bread, fruit, milk and wheatgrass for breakfast. Controlled portions for lunch, a snack and dinner. And I also take fish oil capsules – oh maybe I should really learn to eat fish and vegetables. But, one miracle at a time.

So we went back to Cheshire and I was pleasantly surprised! I have lost 4 pounds over three weeks. All fat. And part of it is even visceral fat (fat around the belly and heart). The numbers went down!

My muscle mass went up, my bone mass stayed the same (which is good considering I lost weight) and my BMI went down too! I am 0.1 away from crossing over from Obese to Overweight.

It’s a victory in my book. And the start of a long journey. A journey to change how I eat – instead of a convenient diner – to someone who really manages my food well. It took 41 years of yo-yo weight and fast food binges.

Still a struggle to stay away from those fries and frosties – so I just try not to enter those restaurants at all. But with this small (but amazing) victory, it is pushing me more in the right direction.

Next meet up will be after my 42nd birthday. Here’s working for better news!

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