Not a Statistic [Health Journey]

I don’t want to be a statistic. Nor do I want to be a story people tell: “He left a beautiful wife and five young kids. Kawawa naman.

So, we move to be healthy. I took more blood tests today, and through Doctor Google and Mayo Clinic, a lot of my numbers are borderline high or elevated (as my nutritionist put it – very kind). I know they are high. And with a history of diabetes in the family, drastic changes have to be done.

On day 3 of the monitored food intake (I send pictures of all my meals – not millennial, just 2017 food diary), I had wheatgrass and milk with my breakfast. All that is missing is the cow. Moo.

Started walking / running around the mountain as well. Just like what Kuya Kim told me ages ago: run, bike and swim. Well, 1/3 is a start.

Some good news. I took a blood test before day 1 and my Fasting Blood Sugar was 111.60. Took another one again this morning (more complete with other tests, I am not a blood test junkie) and it is down to 109.27. Not a huge drop, but it went down. And there must be a margin of error, but I’ll take whatever small gains I can get.

Here we go. I can do this!

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