ROAR! Brining out Jesus in me: The 2017 CFC KFL National Kids Conference

We went to Molino, Cavite for the annual National Kids Conference. It was a pretty fast drive from C5 to SLEx to MCX to Molino. Also because it was early Saturday morning when we went.

The National Kids Conference is put up by CFC Kids for Family and Life, and it goes to different venues every year. The them this year was Roar: Bringing Out Jesus in Me. It was a fun experience for the 4 older kids (the youngest stayed at home) as they learned more about Jesus, the Church and the Catholic faith through talks, songs, dances, workshops and a musical play. Our eldest even joined the dance crew for the praise songs.

The kids were so happy and tired by the end of the day, they were asleep once we got in the car. Thank you KFL!


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