Big Family Vacations: Boracay

We took a weekend trip to Boracay recently and it was a good break from the traffic armageddon happening in Manila lately. Thank goodness, the flight to Caticlan was not delayed (thank you, PAL!) and as a bonus there was even food served on the plane (with no extra fees!). The kids loved the plane ride, and even loved the bit of turbulence that came along the way.

I would say that Boracay island is still very safe. A lot of police always walking the beach, and even if we were there during the off-peak period – so less people – the police were still very visible.

The water current was pretty strong, so we didn’t stay in the beach too much. Spent more time on the sand and in the hotel pool. Where we stayed, there was a kiddie pool, so kids had more fun and could stay in the shallow pool.

When going around, we take extra care by pairing up. If possible, one adult buddies up with one kid; if not, they pair up and we look after each pair (with our youngest with Des). Works out well, but even with glitches, it still is a good system. We are perfecting it!

Kids love the beach, the pool, Jonah’s fruit shakes. Not so much the sand (I have no idea where that came from), but they get used to it once they are covered in it (haha). It is easier to go to a more developed beach as there is more stuff for the kids to do.

We were even able to try out off-road driving somewhere inland Boracay. We weren’t able to go island hopping this time, as we weren’t too sure when rain would fall (apparently, just a few bursts during the afternoon).

Boracay is always wonderful to visit!


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